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People who are all day in the forests looking for their prey need to have the best hunting GPS to guide them through the wilderness. It is imperative for them to have such a high-tech device since they can never lose their trails no matter how deep they have entered the woods.

Since all the best handheld GPS for hunting and fishing are delicate and sensitive devices, you should be very cautious about the items you will finally decide to buy. Read the rest of the article to discuss how hunting GPS has changed the way you perform your favorite hobby and the tricky points you should know when you finally buy one.

Size and Weight

All the best hunting GPS should be a compact device. In terms of size and weights, we have found two major classifications that are currently sold online:

  • Less than 10 ounces

This kind of best hunting GPS is made from extremely lightweight materials like foamy plastic and rubber. They may have stainless steel parts for rust protection, but they never exceed the 10 ounces threshold. That makes them extremely easy to carry with you without feeling a burden when walking.

  • Foldable

Some of the newest GPS models are also foldable to make you place them in your pockets when walking. Even the best Garmin for hunting has started to create such models that can have reduced dimensions when you think it’s appropriate.

Charging Ports

Since all the best hunting GPS need electric energy to operate and connect to the satellite, you need to find the ones that have the most convenient charging ports. The usual charging ports types that have evolved and are popular nowadays are:

  • USB

It has been universal energy and data port. Most of the best GPS for hiking and hunting are equipped with a USB port to make sure they can connect directly to a power source or your portable laptop computer. They may also connect to any car having a USB-port.

  • Regular cable

There are still GPS models having the regular charging cable that matches only a certain type of charger. These are quite affordable models but have the limitations of special charging devices needed to stay active.

Battery Capacity

Only the best hunting GPS have the newest Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that have more than 1,000 recharge cycles. These batteries operate in high Ah currency and can give a strong signal to the GPS device and help it connect to the satellite no matter the harsh weather conditions. 

If you perform hunting in the wilderness for a long time, it would be better to find a GPS model accepting some alkaline standard AA batteries to use it even when no power source is available.

Maps Availability

It’s not enough to have the best hunting GPS. It would be best if you also had a large collection of maps to find your location even easier. If you lack the maps, your GPS will only show you the coordinates you are located in. 

That is not easy to decipher, and the map’s existence will make your expedition much safer and funnier.

Satellite Connection

Every GPS needs to establish a stable connection to the satellites. Only the best hunting GPS can find a signal even though you are deep-dived in the mountains and caves. 

Ensure your GPS can connect to all available geostatic satellites and give you the coordinates of your location as fast as possible to let you be safe and sound when hunting or even call for help in case of an emergency.

Tips to know when Buying a Hunting GPS

Here are some useful tips for all people who want to buy their best hunting GPS:

  • Get as many accessories as you can

Today you can find many GPS on sale. That is why you may look for the most accessories like hardcovers, USB-cables, etc. These accessories will make you differ from others and allow you to be independent hunting in nature.

  • Select items coming with a limited warranty

It may not be obvious, but the best hunting GPS always comes with a limited guarantee for this high-end device’s spare parts. You better find items coming with that type of warranty to ensure that you will enjoy a decent after-sales service and a device replacement when it’s necessary.

  • Upgradable Software

Every best hunting GPS has upgradable software to ensure adaptability to new maps and roads that change all the time. Your GPS software needs to be easily updated simply by connecting it to your PC through a data USB cable. 

  • Higher Display Quality

Finally, the display quality has been the best feature to look for when buying a new GPS. It would be necessary to have a clear and transparent display to show the maps without light reflections from the environment.

10 Best Hunting GPS Reviews - Gadget Quake

Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS

Here you have one of the best Garmin GPS models that feature a vivid yellow and black color

It weighs only five ounces and is made from quality plastic and metal components that make it durable against external moisture and rainwater. 

You have access to a wide 2.2-inch screen that is clear and can give you the exact trail you walk on. Its base map has worldwide coverage, and the device can connect to all available satellites above your position.

Users can place two AA-type alkaline batteries to operate this device fully for more than 25 hours straight

On the back part, you may find an easy hook to place on your waist so that you never lose it. The front panel has only three buttons to allow you to navigate through maps easier than ever before.

Our Rating
1 Garmin eTrex 10

What We Like

  • It is the most compact and lightweight model you have seen
  • You may connect it to GPS and GLONASS position satellites
  • It shows you high and low elevation points
  • Follows the IPX7 waterproof guidelines


  • This device has no rechargeable in-built battery

Garmin GPSMAP 64sx Handheld GPS

If you want more colors and complexity, Garmin has the perfect hunting GPS for you. 

The present model is equipped with all the latest maps and has a 2.6-inch screen to allow you to view it no matter your distance from the display. 

You get an altitude idea for your trail, and you can see where you started from and where you are at the time of checking. It is lightweight and made from foamy plastic materials to make it easy to handle and carry with you. 

There is always the chance to upload more maps since it has upgradable software.

The front panel has only six buttons to help you connect to the desired satellite and find your position on the map. You can scroll on display by touching it, which is another plus. 

Our Rating
2 Garmin GPSMAP 64sx

What We Like

  • It has a 16-hour battery life when GPS is on
  • Bluetooth is available to connect to other devices
  • There are many preloaded topo-active maps
  • It has the highest water-resistant design


  • There are no spare parts to replace in case of malfunction

Garmin Montana 680t GPS/GLONASS

This is another model from Garmin that has come to cover the needs of the average hunter. 

It is compact enough to fit in your pocket and weighs only 10 ounces to ensure that no one would get aggravated when having it. 

You have the chance to use its in-built Li-Ion battery or even try to have the 2-AA alkaline batteries needed for a 22-hour continuous GPS use

The screen is always readable, and the display is LCD to give you high visibility when needed.

It has many topo-maps preloaded for all continents. You have the chance to use all the available geostatic satellites being upon your position. 

This item also has an eight megapixels camera to let you capture precious moments when hunting.

Our Rating
3 Garmin Montana 680t

What We Like

  • It is the one to give you high-resolution images
  • You can keep a stable trail just by following GPS directions
  • The battery life is enough for your hunting
  • You have access to a barometric altimeter


  • It doesn’t come with a limited guarantee plan

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

That is an affordable solution for all novice hunters who don’t want to spend a fortune on GPS devices. 

The current model features a 1.5-inch screen that is clear enough to show you the trail you will follow in the woods. The antenna is integrated into its body to ensure that you can carry the GPS even in your pocket and still be active. 

It connects to any satellite being upon you and gives you voice commands if you need so. The touchscreen is sensitive enough to allow you to press on the coordinates you need to go to. 

As a user, you will also have access to a barometric altimeter and an electronic compass to always know your direction.

Our Rating
4 Garmin Oregon 700

What We Like

  • You get a high-sensitivity satellite receptor
  • It is compatible to connect with other Garmin devices
  • Bluetooth wireless connection protocol is also available
  • You get an accurate and active weather precaution


  • The batteries cannot last for long

Garmin GPSMAP 66 Handheld GPS

For hunters who plan to go to the woods for a long time, this GPS model is the best they could buy. 

It is made from high-quality plastic material that is 100% waterproof and will certainly not corrode or rust. You get a 3-inch colored screen that gives you all the necessary information right away. 

The external antenna is always better since it has a direct connection to the satellites. An in-built battery is Li-Ion technology and can give you a flawless function for the GPS for more than 22 hours in a row.

You can access a wide map collection, and you can even view the altitude on where you are standing. It has an emergency SOS signal that consumes the least possible energy to give you more hopes to be found from rescue teams in case of an accident.

Our Rating
5 Garmin GPSMAP 66i

What We Like

  • You have cellular connectivity for live weather forecasts
  • It is fully compatible with Garmin Explore software
  • The satellite communication can enter you into the Iridium network
  • You have access to the road maps wherever you go


  • This item doesn’t ship worldwide

Garmin inReach GPS Navigation

Garmin has finally created a hunting GPS for people who need a reliable and affordable device when going in the woods. The present model is made from quality plastic material dyed in red color to make it easily traceable even in deep darkness. 

It has thousands of preloaded maps on all continents to give you the freedom to go anywhere you like. There is a chance you can find your altitude right away without the need to connect to a satellite. 

The front panel has more than nine buttons to access all the useful features. You can check the LCD screen easier than ever before since it measures 2.3 inches that are more than enough for a compact-sized GPS model. 

Users have access to weather forecasts and can cast an emergency signal to the local authorities in case of an accident.

Our Rating
6 Garmin inReach Explorer+

What We Like

  • It gets a global Iridium satellite coverage
  • There is a low-energy automatic SOS triggering mechanism
  • You may pair it with any mobile device
  • Digital compass and altimeter are always available


  • You may not use external alkaline batteries

Garmin GPSMAP 78 Handheld GPS

Here you have a colorful hunting GPS model from Garmin, the world leader in hunting accessories that may save your life in the forests. 

This model comes with a 2-year limited guarantee and after-sales service that makes you even safer when buying it. You have access to a wide collection of online maps that are constantly updated from the Garmin software

The battery is made from Li-Ion technology and can get easily recharged and last for more than 22-hours.

The front panel has buttons to give you access to all possible functions. Your favorite LCD screen is always there to show you all live information about the temperature, altitude, and weather forecasts. 

The device has an in-built 1.7 Giga memory to ensure you can save pictures from your expeditions.

Our Rating
7 Garmin GPSMAP 78

What We Like

  • One of the most lightweight devices available online
  • It can connect to all the satellites
  • You get a wrist strap always to have it handy
  • The precise, quick start manual is always an option


  • The item doesn’t have an IPX waterproof accreditation

Garmin Montana 700 Rugged GPS

If you are looking for a modern and less-buttoned controlled GPS unit, then Garmin has the right solution for you. 

The present model is lightweight enough to allow you to carry it in your pocket. Furthermore, it has the biggest 5-inch screen display you have ever seen on such devices. 

The screen is also touchable and gives you the chance to press all the features without the usual buttons present in older models’ front panel.

Many maps are always loaded to their memory. You can upgrade them using the USB-cable or the Bluetooth wireless protocols.

The in-built Li-Ion battery is powerful, can charge for more than 1,000 cycles, and gives you a 22-hour flawless function when being in the woods. 

You may also call SOS in case of an emergency using this GPS device.

Our Rating
8 Garmin Montana 700

What We Like

  • It can withstand a thermal shock and strong impacts
  • The display is clear enough to let you find all features easily
  • One of the few models to have an IPX7 waterproof accreditation
  • You have access to your trail and the altitude levels you pass through


  • The external antenna makes it less compact

Garmin inReach Mini GPS

Some hunters want the basics from their GPS unit. Garmin has managed to give its audience a powerful GPS device that has the least possible dimensions. 

That can make it fit in your tiny pants pocket and still be able to get connected to the satellites through its longer antenna. This GPS has a low weight profile and increased durability that makes it deal with harsh weather conditions and rainfalls. 

The 1.3-inch screen has all the basic features available. You can watch the live weather forecasts, temperatures, and altitudes at a glance. 

It also has a wrist band to allow you to pass it through your wrist and let it be there for the longest time possible without aggravating you. 

The device operates on a Li-Ion internal battery that is easy to recharge and can stay active for more than 20-hours straight.

Our Rating
9 Garmin inReach Mini GPS

What We Like

  • You may send and receive messages from other hunters
  • An interactive SOS signal is also available
  • There are an optional weather and trail forecast
  • You get multiple ways to connect through Bluetooth


  • There is no way to operate it with external batteries

Garmin Rino 755t Handheld GPS

Finally, here you have a Rino-like GPS model with two antennas to receive various emissions at the same time. You can have a cellular connection to the earth’s cell phone system. 

You can also enjoy connectivity to the Iridium geostatic satellites to give you an exact earth positioning signal. The frontal screen gives you all the basic temperature and altitude information you need to have in the wilderness. 

However, you can use your GPS device to send messages or emit a low-energy SOS signal in case of emergency.

The 3-inch screen is wide enough for all users to check. The device operates on a dual battery type function. 

There are an in-built rechargeable battery and an option to use AA alkaline batteries to ensure proper connectivity with satellites at all times.

Our Rating
10 Garmin Rino 755t

What We Like

  • It offers a 20-mile radio walking and talking function
  • You get thousands of preloaded maps
  • The device is compact and weighs less than 2 ounces
  • The Li-Ion batteries operate for a long time flawlessly


  • Its screen has a lower resolution than others in the same class


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