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Hands-on with PS3’s God of War III Demo

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We have a hands-on article on the upcoming PS3 exclusive God of War III for you to check out now, courtesy of NextGen Player. They were able to get their hands on the recent demo for the game, which was shown off at the Fan Expo event and have given everyone their opinions on it.

The first thing they have pointed out is the sheer beauty of the game. Running in full 1080p HD, the visuals are really stunning with NextGen comparing GOW3’s graphics to a ”classic Greek painting brought to life”.



The hands-on preview indicates that the landscapes featured in GoW3 will be around 4 times larger than those seen in in GoW2. The demo gives you the chance to participate in hack-n-slash levels which take place entirely on the back of moving Titans.

As you would expect, Kratos comes with a fresh repetoire of moves, as he is now able to grab one of his enemies and use it as a battering ram to crush the remainder of the group, in true GoW style. The article even mentions that the game will be able to display around 50 enemies on the screen at one time, impressive.